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Marketing is funny
Thursday, 15 October 2009 08:39

I see myself in awe of how marketing works. Take, for example, the movie Paranormal Activity.

I saw a thing on MySpace, 'Scariest movie ever!' or something to that effect.

I looked to see when it would be playing. Dammit, only one theater on 42nd street had limited show times on Saturday and Sunday. I called the bf, asked him if he wanted to go check it out on Saturday. Went to the theater on Sunday, and the five showings were all sold out. DAMMIT.

Meanwhile, I still know nothing about this movie other than the fact that it is supposed to be scary.

So, come the next week, the bf calls and says its playing at 8:40, asks if I want to go check it out. SURE. So straight after work I go head out to Manhattan to see this movie.

I'm glad I went it was a great movie, but in hindsight I'm trying to figure out why I was so thrilled about checking it out. I didn't know ANYTHING about it other than it was supposed to be scary. I had no clue what it was going to be about other than the title. I had no clue who was in it, who wrote it, etc. I just knew it was a film that got good reviews.

Marketing sure can be funny. Take, for instance, a movie like Snakes on a Plane. That movie knew it was going to be god awful. It had a stupid idea. Some Snakes. A Plane. All mixed in with Samuel L. Jackson. But they created such an internet buzz it still did well in box offices.

Other things I notice, how things are directed at kids. My kids are always telling me about something they saw on TV that they want. When you ask them why, they repeat the slogan verbatim. Because that's what the commercial said. It must be the greatest thing in the world because it has a cool catch phrase and kids are jumping and are all happy for no reason other than the fact that they have this great product. Psh. Isn't that a load of...

Marketing is all around us. The human psyche is always being played with and manipulated just to get us to buy random things... With the whole internet buzz thing going on, advertising is getting to be really interesting...

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