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Another Year
Monday, 08 November 2010 15:05

So, I haven't updated this site in a while. The payment just went through on another year of hosting, so I figured I'd might as well add something.

I have discovered something I had been looking for for my Mac. When Windows 7 came out I upgraded my desktop and feel in love with the AeroSnap function. By pressing Ctrl + Left or Ctrl + Right I could instantly dock my windows to different regions of the screen.  I found a program that allows me to do this for the Mac. Called ShiftIt ( ), its actually slightly better than the AeroSnap on windows. It does include more regions to snap to (Command + Option + Up snaps a window to the top of the screen, etc) The only issue I have with the program is that it doesn't seem to support multiple monitors like Windows 7. Command + Option + Left will not to to the next monitor if there is more than one connect, it only snaps windows to the left of the monitor it is currently on.

While I'm talking about Mac programs, another one I've come to like is SecondBar ( ). If you have a second monitor, this program adds another menu bar across the second monitor.  However, this program does have a lot of quirks to it. It can be very slow and sometimes the menus don't want to appear at all on the second monitor. I hope that the developers can improve on it, as it is quite annoying to have two monitors with an application displayed in the second monitor, but having to go to the first monitor to access the menu. :Grumble:

Well, these are just two programs that make using my Mac a bit more bearable. Feel free to leave a comment about any other programs you have or any experiences with these two.


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