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Savion Glover @ the Blue Note
Thursday, 14 June 2012 08:57

So this week Savion Glover is performing at the Blue Note. I had found out about this a few weeks back, I had originally gone to the Blue Notes website to see if McCoy Tyner was going to be there any time coming up, and to my surprise Savion Glover was having two nights where he was featuring McCoy Tyner. Yay, I get to see two acts I would very much enjoy to see on one stage.

Lol, the only problem with that is, where to sit? Its McCoy Tyner so I wanted to sit behind the keys, being that I also play piano but that seems rather pointless for a tap act. Well, I ended up sitting right in front of the stage, and with my monopod and camera in tow I was able to take some pics.

It was an exciting performance. I think I had a orgasm when they played "In a Sentimental Mood" who had another pianist, who's name escapes me at the moment. Lol.  It makes me wish I were so much better at the piano than I am, and its really inspiring to see live music from musicians who are so much better at it than I am. People that have spent more years with their craft than I have been on this planet. Anyways, I really enjoyed it.

Before hand I also went to go check out Ben Williams and the Sound Effect at Smalls. Ran into a few friends there and although I didn't stay for long I did get a few good pics from that set too. I will upload them once I do some more post processing on them. However, the Blue Note album is up, and can be seen at http://starperceptions.com/gallery/category/21, and here is a shot from that album:

Savion Glover and Gerald Canon

Gerald Cannon and Savion Glover

In other news, this weekend I actually have a paying gig, yay. Shooting harpist Brandee Younger at the Bklyn Children's Museam. Shes going to be performing with what seems to be her "usual" set of people, Stacy Dillard on Sax, E.J. Strickland on Drums, Dezron Douglas on Bass. I am looking forward to this, and it should be tons of fun.

I really need to get my camera out more often. Soon as some of my student loans are paid off I seriously think I am going to quit and do the art thing for a year. Lol. I enjoy it but yeah, having a 9-5 is really getting in the way of other things I want to do.

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