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Rights Almost Violated!!!
Monday, 02 June 2008 19:00

damn what a day.

so im in times square today hanging out with lion, and of course i got my camera and my telephoto, taking photos of people as they walk by

i snap two shots of this one guy named carlos santos walking towards me, and he shakes his head no so i put the camera down to show him that i wont take any more photos of him


thats one of the photos by the way...

so as he approaches me, he asks if i took a photo of him, and of course i said yeah i did.

so he asks me if i could erase the photo.

now me being a street photog and everything told him, listen im sorry if you didn't want your pic taken, but no i'm not going to erase it.

so he starts giving me this speech about how its illegal for me to do it he can take me to court, etc.

we get into an 'argument' about it and i told him, listen, if the photo does end up anywhere onlything thats going to happen to it is its going to end up on a site called deviantart.

he gets all hot and bothered talking about, oh what kinda site is that i dont want to be apart of any site like that and i try to explain to him that its just an art community where people can post pictures artwork photography etc, there is nothing bad or unscrupulous about it.

he threatens to go get a cop to force me to erase the pic, and of course i told him go ahead, it is times square and the cops been watching me take pics for the last hour.

the cop comes, the guy starts tellin the cop all sorts of lies about how i was ducking him when he approached me and i knew i was doing something wrong which is why i put the camera down and i said i was going to sell it. the cop looks at me and tells the guy theres nothing he can do. :D

i actually welcome him trying to take me to court. seeing how i didn't do anything to deflame him and im not making any money off of him i'm wondering what kinda case he would have

hehe. i love stupid people

what a day.

by the way, for all the other photogs out there, here is a site with a list of photographers rights... http://www.krages.com/phoright.htm just in case you need them...

btw i took my first photo trip today, went to the brooklyn botanical gardens, for some flower shots. i will maybe upload a few...

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Nichole June 19, 2008

Yeah, that day was fun.
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