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It's Been a Long Time,
Friday, 08 August 2008 11:14

Shouldn't have left you; Without a dope beat to step to...

Lol. But seriously folks, I haven't updated my blog in a while. Nothing really new to say.

I do think I am going to try and bunker down and get a photography business started... Although, I need a few things first.

A car would help. Some more L series lenses might also be nice. and some more knowledge in studio photography. The other day I was playing around with my light set and took a few good photos of the self, one is on my DeviantArt page


Self portrait taken while playing around with the light set.

I think its a hot image, heh but I am happy with out it came out. The lighting looks good and everything. When I have the house to myself I am going to take some more and play around with different styles, Broad lighting, Rembrandt, Split Lighting etc. I have the materials I just have to use them.

Sometime this week I may also buy some more background material. Right now I have white and black paper backgrounds, with a box of different fabric backgrounds I can use for different smaller still lifes. I have a few yards of this glittery material that might make a good portrait background, but I have to try it out and see. But after I get more confidence (and a car so I can transport myself) I am going to start seriously marketing my photog skills.


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