There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.
Ansel Adams
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Two more days...
Sunday, 20 December 2009 22:19

Two my days at my current job, then I have a week off and I start new employment on January 4th. wOOt!!! I'm hoping for that week off to get out and take photos. Heh. hopefully I'll have some new great street shots to show you nice people on the internets...

Jam Session Pictures
Wednesday, 09 December 2009 13:37

So last night I went to a place called Creole on E 118th and 3rd Avenue in E. Harlem. Had fun, and took some pictures (and of course uploaded them)

It was a great night, I had fun watching them play and got some ok shots. While uploading them I also had to rearrange pictures on the site, I now have a gallery named Events and I moved photos from Halloween 2009 and the ZombieWalk there too as well as the album for the Jam session.


Anyways, I hope you enjoy the pictures, as always let me know what you think!


Print Store
Saturday, 07 November 2009 01:00
So, I've decided to sell some of my prints. I am going to create a store, it is already in the works. When up the code will be The blank site is up now but no items have been added. When done, I will be accepting paypal payments...
Site Outage
Friday, 06 November 2009 10:02

My FORMER hosting company is a mess. My site has been down for over three weeks, and if you check it I'm sorry about that. (Grumble Grumble) I finally switched host, I'm giving this other company a try and hopefully they will be much better than the former.

Apparently, someone with inside information had been upset and decided to hit them with DDOS attacks. Brought down my website and their website and I couldn't even get technical support to help with this. Even after the problem was 'fixed' for some reason the SQL servers were down. Yeesh!!! Well, I switched away from them and things should be back to normal now. Sorry about all of that.

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