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Disaster Averted!
Tuesday, 13 October 2009 06:03

Wow, yesterday I realized, I didn't get to transfer all my photos from my camera, and I had deleted all the photos off the memory card. I was feeling rather upset that I lost some photos from the Zombie Walk, but then I remembered, YES, there are programs out that that will help with the recovery of seemingly lost files if they hadn't been over written.

So using PC Insepcter Smart Recovery ( I was able to get all of my photos back. wOOt!!

There are added photos in the photo gallery from the zombie walk now, go check them out....

Zombie Walk
Sunday, 11 October 2009 11:55

Another Update

The link is up for the Zombie Photos. The photos are at

Theres only 36 of them but check them out...

God its been so long since i've updated this site. Yeesh. Lol sorry those people who STILL come see my webpage after I've pretty much practically abandoned it.

Well. Now that thats out of the way. So, last Friday I went to a Zombie Walk at Union Square. One of my favorite times of year is coming up, Halloween, and I'm hoping to get out and take plenty of great pictures of various events happening around the city.

Later when I get home I will upload pictures of Zombies, and hopefully later on in the month I will bring you new photographs.

Union Square Zombie

Other than that there are a few events around I'm planning on going to:

On October 19 a former friend of mine, Marcus Strickland will be playing at the Blue Note by the W. 4th Street Station in Manhatten. Hes a great musician and I'm hoping to check that out.

At the Museum of Modern Art there is going to be a Tim Burton Exhibit starting on November22 all the way until April 22 2010. I am definitely going to go check this out. Maybe might even go with a group of friends.

There is also a Halloween Haunted house I want to check out. Tix for this event is $30 dollars, the link for that is at

Well, thats all the updates I have at the moment. I am on my way home but later on tonight I will upload Zombie pics and place a link on this blog. Heh

Saturday, 11 July 2009 12:14
So I just updated one of the pages on the site... the only way to get to the page is if you enter a certain code made famous in a certain game that gave you 30 lives, so if you know what i'm talking about, theres a new game for you to play up there Smile
Minor Site Update
Wednesday, 08 July 2009 08:30

So, those of you that do not know, my day job is a Web Developer for CulinArt. I say that because when it comes to coding of my personal site, I know what to do, but usually I'm just too lazy to do it after working all day. Tongue out

That being said, lol, I'm wondering why, even though I've known about this for a while, I'm just now getting to fixing the 'problem' i've been having with this site attaching long strings to the end of the URLs.


Anyways, it is now fixed. There are no longer a long array of random characters being attacted to the end of any of my URLs. Pretty soon I'm going to update the page on the Konami Code hack to, I might actually put a game there :-)

Recent DeviantArt Favs
Monday, 22 June 2009 10:46

Yes, so here are some of my recent favs on DeviantArt from a thumbshare forum I did. I will include the artist name and a link to their gallery for all pages

No Going Back by Nypon

No Going Back by Nypon


Wayside finds 082 by rav777

Wayside Finds 082 by =rav777


Light in the Dark by Lady-Tori

Light in the Dark by ~Lady-Tori


The Fighting Temeraire

The Fighting Temeraire by =FireFeathers


Liposuction of the Apple - Comic

Liposuction of the Apple Comic by *jennifuh


School With a Smile

School with a smile by ~ruthsantcortis


hi-tech girl

hi-tech girl:commission by *kika1983


Gipsy Part of Town

Gipsy Part Of Town colored by *Brosa
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