Photography can never grow up if it imitates some other medium. It has to walk alone; it has to be itself.
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Maybe Next Year
Monday, 14 July 2008 11:05

So this weekend I was hoping to catch the one time of year when the sun sets and perfectly aligns with the streets of Manhattan.

Unfortunately, this year was a leap year so I think it happened on the 11th instead of the 12. Doh!!

However, I did go out to the city on the 12h and I still got some good Architecture shots. I was around Rockefeller Center and Times Square, and I took some shots of the buildings and some night shots of Times Square. I still have a lot of photos that need to be processed though from other photo trips, but I'm getting to them, slowly but surely.

I've already uploaded two photos, but here they are in case you don't want to head over to the gallery

Atlas by Lawrie
One Man's Burden


New Album
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 23:19

So I created a new album for my Union Square pictures, go check it out at Check them out, I will be adding more photos as I have a lot more to edit. I decided not to lump the new photos all with the street photography, and I'm thinking from now on any photo trips I take, if I get a good amount of photos I'll create a new album to upload to the gallery.

But yes, be sure to check out the new photos. Some of them have also appeared on my DeviantArt Page so if you have an account with them fill free to come by and leave comments.

Union Square Photo Trip today
Tuesday, 08 July 2008 20:46

Brothers by B. Nichole Boseman

So today I went to the city. Started off on Canal Street as I had to stop by Unimax to buy a new Septum ring. (Keep on losing my spikes!!!) But one of my friends tagged along and we went from Canal Street to Union Square to W. 4th and then home, snapping photos along the way.

In Union Square I actually came across a few cool peoples, most notably theses two men which were playing guitar and singing. They seems as though they have known each other for life, but they had just met today. I snapped a few photos of them for a while, some posed, some 'candid.' The first one has already been uploaded to DeviantArt but I am still editing photos now to prepare to send to them. Other than that today I also found out I will be transferring to York College to study, um, something. But right now I am just editing all the photos taken from the day. Got plenty of good shots, some which could have been better, but all in all it was a good day. I didn't get yelled at by anyone today, no one threated to sue, no cops tried to confiscate my camera. Can't wait until next weeks trip, I hope it will be even better.


Improving in Ones Art
Monday, 07 July 2008 09:04

You know, when I look at my photos I am always unhappy.

It is said that an artist worst critic is themselves, and I find this to be particularly true.

I want to get better in my photography. I want Contest winning images that will get people to Ohh and Ahh over my works. I want someone to say, yes, Nichole is such a fine photographer, she is the greatest one on the planet. Better than Gordan Parks, Mapplethorpe, and Ansel Adams combined. (Ok so I know this one will never happen but one can dream Laughing)

Anyways, I constantly wonder what I can do to get better. I post my images on DeviantArt and ask for Advanced Critism but only seem to get favs or 'Cool Pics!' comments. I'm wondering maybe I should go out and find a mentor, a photographer or someone I can follow around and learn from. Learning an art is a process, a hard one, and sometimes you can be discouraged. I'm trying not to be, and I do think I have some really good photography, but I still don't feel like I'm at a lever where I'm more than just 'good' when it comes to my skill with taking pictures.

Well, other than that I am hoping that the weather tomorrow will be good. Not sure where I'm going for a photo trip, but I have a $10 dollar metro card and the day off. I just need to remember to charge my camera batteries the night before, and hopefully I'll come back with some kick ass images to upload tomorrow night.

Tuesday, 01 July 2008 13:26

So, the Great City of New York was built so that four times a year the sun lines up directly with all the buildings and it is supposed to look absolutely brilliant during the sunset. The next time this is supposed to happen is July 12, and I am hoping I can clear my schedule to go and watch and take pictures. Hopefully the weather will be nice so I can capture this.

In other news, I am working on possibly updating the photo gallery. Although I like the Expose4 system, there is another gallery system I was playing with that I also am thinking about using. Both have their pros and cons, but, I'm not sure which will be the best option for my needs. In a week or so I may just change it thought, the new system is installed and if you would like to see a preview of it, you can check it out at Try it out, tell me what you think. I still need to change some of the visual stylist aspects of it but so far it is ready to be used. I will continue to upload images to both galleries until I decide which one will be the one I use. But yes, any comments on this will be GREATLY appreciated.


I added some random photography quotes to the top of the site. If you want to tell me what you think of these that would be cool to. Thanks out there!!!


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