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Union Square
Monday, 30 June 2008 18:19

So unfortunately I missed the Gay Pride Parade. I was hoping to get some kick-ass pictures out on fifth avenue, but I was sick.

However, I did go to Union Square the day before and I got some great photos out there. However, I got into this one altercation with one of the street musicians.

The story is, I was going to Trash and Vauldvile by Astor Place (Great store if you need Goth clothes). So along the way I had my camera and I was snapping photos as I walked around the streets of Manhattan. I run across these street musicians performing so I stand around for a few minutes and take some photos. I then give them a dollar, and continue to snap photos.

Now, the rude leader of the group starts with the "Thats all the photos you can take for a dollar" and I'm like, what, you are on a PUBLIC street corner and I can stay here for as long as I want and take photos for as long as I want. That dollar was a courtesy that I DID NOT have to give. So I stay out there for more minutes taking more photos, and he goes on to the band about how 'you just have to learn how to deal with interruptions' and how people will be on the street. Now, I tried to be nice to offer him a copy of all the photos but he ignored me, but oh well, its his lost.


So, if any of you web surfers are ever on Astor Place, don't give that guy any money. He was unnecessarily rude to me for no reason. Anyways, I uploaded the first of the pics of them to my DeviantArt page, amply named Rude Jazz Man, but here it is for the Blog.

Saxaphone Player on Astor Place

New Images
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 09:27

So I created a Still Life section for the photo gallery. There are 11 pictures uploaded I beleive.

I should set up my makeshift studio and take some more still life shots. I have thousands of rubber duckies (well maybe not thousands but they number about 100 ducks) that make great models, and I can tell stories with. I have a few conceptual pieces I've taken. I do want to try to take some smoke shots once I get some incense, a black background and the other stuff I need.

Sometimes I think I should settle down and focus on taking one genre of shots instead of whatever looks cool in the camera. Yesterday I met a girl in the village who was working as a sports photographer and she pretty much shoots anything, but has been focusing mostly on sports recently. I guess shooting anything is cool, but I want to go ahead and find my niche, maybe even define my style so that people could look at my photos and says definitely, 'yes, that is A Nichole piece'. Right now I feel as though my photos have no rhyme, no reason, they are just photos. I am still looking for what is going to define me as a photographer, and not just someone who takes cool photos.

I've come to realize I love street photography sometimes, when I'm not getting yelled at by people for shooting them. (A la Carlos Santos who I blogged about here) I want to do some of those sick ass portraits I see in magazines and such. Landscapes and architecture bores me to be honest with you, I've done them but eh. Bugs are fun to stalk and take pictures of, but it seems like if you seen one insect shot you've seen them all. I want to do something original and unique. Well, maybe in time.

Villiage People
Tuesday, 24 June 2008 21:40

So I finally got to go on my photo trip today.

Took the train to Greenwich Village and walked around West 4th and Washington Square Park and then to Union Square and then back, snapping photos along the way.

I got a few good shots, and I am editing my pictures now, but all in all it was a good day.

I'm not sure where I am going to go next week, maybe if I can figure out where SOHO is I'll check it out there.


But other than that, watch out for new photos to be added (soon as I finish editing them lol) I don't think I am going to create a new folder in the gallery just for todays trip but most of the shots should end up under architecture or street photography. I hope you people like.

Weekend Trips
Thursday, 19 June 2008 08:12

So this weekend maybe I'll finally get out for a photo trip.

Not exactly sure where I am going to go though. I've gotten quite sick of Times Square, but I do need to go not to far from there to the Nintendo store by Rockefeller Center to get my Wii Fit. Oh well, sometime this weekend I'm going somewhere in Manhattan to take some photos.

Other than that, I'm still looking for models for this project me and Asad are working on. Hey, if there are any goth minority girls that would like to model for us, send me an email, and a picture. We have maybe 10 models, if that many, and I know we are going to need a lot more. I just hope we can take some kick ass pictures. Its going to be a fun project. Smile

Anyways, yeah, lots of photos need to be taken, hopefully some will get done this weekend.

Aquarium postponed until next week
Tuesday, 10 June 2008 19:00

Well it seems like I will have to wait until next week to try and take pictures of the fish at the aquarium. I ended up going to the beach, and although I did have my camera I wanted to swim because it was ungodly hot in NYC this Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I didn't want to leave my camera on the beach towel while I was in the water, but it was a fun day anyways. One of these days I'm going to have to head out early to try and get some beach shoots when it is empty.

Other than that, I have a list of places where I want to go take some photos. I am also getting ready for the Gay Pride Parade, which is the day before my birthday on June 29, 2008. I was there last year and I got lots of good photos, and I'm hoping I can do even better this year. I was inspired by a book called the Last Sunday in June, by Jamel Shabazz which is a collection of photographs from that parade. I can only hope that my photos will be on par with some of the shots in this book.

I am hoping to overcome my fright and actually ASK people if I can take their photos. It shouldn't be but so hard, I was able to ask a couple people at the Tattoo Convention a few weeks ago, and no one bit my head off, so I have confidence that people at the parade will be open to having their photos taken if I ask, and if not, fuck it I'll get some candids like I did last year.

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